Rise from the ashes!

OnlineBusinessTeacher.com will be designed to help the newbie marketer or if you are in the group of people that have never quite made it, spending those sleepless nights you now the ones I`m talking about and not got much to show for it. Let`s get the ball rolling toghether! Free and paid resources for your existing business or let me me help you start your own!

My preposition to YOU is that I will save you alot of sleepless nights sitting with you hands on your forehead in despair. All you have to do is just to follow me, connect with me on skype, facebook, twitter, youtube, join the community I am going to start here with OnlineBusinessTeacher.com. PEOPLE helping PEOPLE, the marked is so VAST and the process works for anything, be it your business, your passion, WHATEVER you want to share with the world! Follow my progress since seeing is beliving and all! I URGE you to not pass up on this OPPORTUNITY to be a part of a more down to earth COMMUNITY!

I will be launching a crowdfunding campaign very soon, any support in this endevour will be immensly appreciated, by donations or just spreading the word, like the Facebook page onlinebusinessteacher or Twitter TeacherTor

Let`s reset and restart toghether!


Tor E. Bjornstad

The only source of knowledge is experiance. Let me save you some bad ones!